This Tesla Model 3 Performance sports exclusive rims

This Tesla Model 3 Performance sports exclusive rims

Recently, a prototype of the Tesla Model 3 Performance was seen during testing, equipped with a previously unreleased set of rims, the “19” Zero G”. These observations suggest the possible introduction of these wheels as a new option for future buyers, perhaps as part of a “Track Package” dedicated to track performance. This article explores what this could mean for Tesla and its customers.

An Innovative Overview

The Tesla Model 3, known for its impressive performance and cutting-edge design, could soon receive a significant upgrade with the addition of 19” Zero G rims. These rims, seen during road tests on a performance model, are specially designed to provide greater dynamism and reduced resistance, thus optimizing energy efficiency and performance.

Potentially linked to a “Track Package”

The inclusion of Zero G rims could indicate Tesla’s development of an exclusive “Track Package”. This package would aim to improve the driving experience on the track, offering drivers not only aesthetic but also functional improvements. This package could include suspension upgrades, an improved braking system, and perhaps even adjustments to the vehicle’s management software for optimal performance on the track.

Implications for Consumers

Introducing these rims as an option would provide consumers with further customization and optimization of their vehicle for track driving. It could also reflect a strategy by Tesla to appeal to an audience more passionate about automotive performance, who seeks to get the most out of electric technology not only on the road but also in controlled environments such as racetracks.

Reflection on Innovation and Performance

This potential addition highlights Tesla’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of what electric vehicles can offer. By integrating advanced technologies and customizable features, Tesla not only meets consumer expectations; it shapes them, profoundly influencing the perception and adoption of electric vehicles.


The 19” Zero G rims on a Tesla Model 3 Performance model in testing could well be the prelude to larger, more exciting options for future models. This innovation could not only improve the attractiveness of the Model 3 but also confirm Tesla’s position as the undisputed leader in electric automobile innovation. Fans of the brand, as well as new buyers, will certainly have their eyes glued to these developments, anticipating how these advancements could transform their driving experience.

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