Michael R. Ojaghian is Director, Rivian Service and worked for Tesla in the past. He took time on Linkedin to share a youtube review of Model Y and its experience of buying this vehicle easly and fastly through its phone.

Rivian top exec

There is no competitor in new mobilities


At Tesla Magazine we strongly believe that all new car companies developing EV and PHEV vehicles are not competitor because the market is growing. Real competitors are fuel engine.

Rivian is one of the most sensitive competitor for Tesla because they are coming with one product build for America customers and with a true ambition. However, they are able to recognize Tesla’s success and want to take part into this market transition, exactly as Tesla Mag want to do in media field.

In France, EV Market is only 8% of new sales, can we talk about any competition when in 2025 this part will move to MORE. We can’t predict it but it will be more !

New actors comes with new way to sell


This experience shared, we can conclude that all new actors are thinking about defining a brand new way to sell cars, through phone ! Wait and see!

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