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Welcome on the page of our guide dedicated to the essential accessories for your Tesla Model 3 that we have put together especially for you. Of course, this will also be an opportunity for those who have just received their car to quickly order the essentials.

We have selected products that have been validated by our community that will allow you to improve the interior or exterior of your Tesla Model 3.

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Tempered glass screen protector

Alexandre travels a lot for his work. Stressed, he is often in a hurry, which leads him to take unconsidered risks…

Driving too fast, using the phone while driving, and especially dropping electronic devices. When you know the price of such objects, it quickly becomes obvious that they must be protected in the best possible way. It’s exactly the same for the equipment of a car. If you want it to get you where you want to go, you have to take care of it.

But Alexandre, in addition to being in a hurry, is clumsy and, last time, he had the misfortune of banging his keys against the central screen of his Tesla. With the cracks, he couldn’t see anything: not very practical for steering.

That’s why it would have been essential for him to get the protective tempered glass screen for his central screen… to avoid such inconveniences. When you know how much it costs to change a screen, you might as well pay less than twenty euros to protect it.

Price: [amazon fields= »B07KXR6QH7″ value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07KXR6QH7″ value= »button »]

The dual wireless charger

This model is very well thought out: the charging is ultra fast, the console is non-slip to prevent the phone from falling. In addition, if the battery overheats, the charging is automatically cut off. It is the essential accessory that is worth the first place in the top.

The + : it can charge two phones at the same time.

Price: [amazon fields= »B07SSC9T1K » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07SSC9T1K » value= »button »]

Interior: Replace wood with carbon

Carbon, an expensive element but which gives a very interesting design. Here is the solution! Carbon fiber adhesive strips give the illusion of a full carbon finish.

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The + : the high quality of the fiber allows a protection against the scratches, the knocks…

Price: [amazon fields= »B07TZ7NF67″ value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07TZ7NF67″ value= »button »]

With the center console, organization is key!

organizer console centrale

Specially designed for the Model 3, the console fits perfectly and allows you to benefit from additional storage: card holder, bezel… No more parts running all over the vehicle, everything will be stored safely.

Price: [amazon fields= »B09FG2LFGD » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B09FG2LFGD » value= »button »]

Driver display

Ecran conducteur

When you enter the Tesla Model 3, you will notice that there is no display facing the driver’s seat.

This product requires some knowledge of electricity to install it but many video tutorials exist on Youtube.

Price: [amazon fields= »B08P6PJ5F9″ value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B08P6PJ5F9″ value= »button »]

Take care of your pedals

At first, this accessory allows a better finish, a high-end look for cheap.

In a second time, it allows a more pleasant driving. These pedal covers are anti-slip. Slipping on the pedal in rainy or snowy weather will become a thing of the past.

The + : For those who drive in heels, this accessory is made for you !

Price: [amazon fields= »B07PG5YBTD » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07PG5YBTD » value= »button »]

A bag to store the rims

sacoche de rangement jantes Tesla

We had mentioned the case of Aero rims. Many owners prefer to remove them to prefer the raw wheel.

But we don’t recommend throwing away those rims that you might want to put back on someday.

To preserve them well, we advise you the acquisition of this storage bag.

Price: [amazon fields= »B0832MMJ5G » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B0832MMJ5G » value= »button »]

Trunk spoiler

spoiler de coffre Tesla Model 3

If your Model 3 doesn’t have a trunk spoiler, you may want to give it a sportier look.

The spoiler is quite easy to stick and you can find many tutorials on Youtube to integrate this product.

Price: [amazon fields= »B08C9V98X9″ value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B08C9V98X9″ value= »button »]

Door seals for Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 joint de porte

No matter which version you have, seals are very useful consumables. It can strengthen the insulation or improve your comfort when closing your doors. This kit is specially designed for your Tesla Model 3, it will be very easy for you to install it. This is a product purchased by many members of our community, especially on rainy days!

Price: [amazon fields= »B07VJFM8GT » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07VJFM8GT » value= »button »]

Put your cables away!


Yes, there’s room in the frunk and trunk, but does that mean you have to leave your cables lying around? Of course not! You’ll save space by buying this great bag that will also protect your stuff in the rain when your cable gets wet. Warning: This is a bag for small cables, check the dimensions 😉

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Price: [amazon fields= »B07VQK83WY » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07VQK83WY » value= »button »]

Tesla terminal: the bonus for storing the cable

Definitely, Tesla Magazine members love storage. It’s amazing to think that a product specific to Tesla charging stations is sold on Amazon, but you’ll soon realize that this product is a great service to all users of the official charging station. No more clumsily coiling the cable or leaving it hanging in your garage… Now you have the ultimate answer with this product that will allow you to simply store your plug in a specific hole.

Price: [amazon fields= »B079DLRJNW » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B079DLRJNW » value= »button »]

Soundproof carpet for front and rear trunk


Electric is quiet. So quiet that it’s the wind that can make noise in the cabin. But with these easy-to-position mats, you can significantly reduce the wind noise that enters the cabin along with other outside noise.

This accessory also allows you to insulate your interior much better and to improve the waterproofing of your vehicle. Not to take anything away from the usefulness of this product, you can protect yourself from dust.

The product is made from environmentally friendly materials, without formaldehyde. A must have!

Price: [amazon fields= »B07Z7DLZVZ » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07Z7DLZVZ » value= »button »]

Light up your cabin


So yes there are LEDs in your Tesla Model 3 but lean over and look at them. Does it look like your lights are malfunctioning? No, in fact, they are not very powerful. Please note that judging the level of brightness of the led is a very personal thing but many members have assured us that they regularly buy this led kit to brighten up their car!

We are not talking about mood lighting here, the idea is simply to reinforce an already present lighting.

Price: [amazon fields= »B07RP8JN8Q » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07RP8JN8Q » value= »button »]

Charge at home

wallbox tesla

Having information about your car in a given time is precious. But it’s not for everyone. Simon spotted the perfect model on Amazon to display all the car’s data on the charging station while charging.

It can even see the state of charge, including current, voltage and temperature. The screws inserted in the box mean you don’t have to worry about the screen falling off. No breakage, and it’s better that way!

Plus, the 6.1 meter cable leaves enough space between your car and the charging station. The charging station also has type A leakage protection, what more could you ask for! And AC charging can ensure the safety of the charging station.

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And finally, Simon appreciates the high compatibility of CE and TUV certified products. The quality of materials is appreciable, with aluminum alloy and PC alloy plate to strengthen its resistance.

And finally, the Morec 7kw ev Single Phase Charger Type 2 32A EU Standard wallbox IEC 62196-2 with power cable for distribution box Quick Box 6,1 m is guaranteed for 1 year. Do not wait any longer.

Price: [amazon fields= »B07Q431ZQV » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07Q431ZQV » value= »button »]

You won’t be afraid to put a stroller or a suitcase in the trunk

protecteur de coffre arrière Tesla

The problem with cars is that they are expensive to buy and maintain. To limit the costs, you have to limit the number of visits to the garage and therefore, the number of accidents.

But no matter how well you drive, you can’t avoid running into incompetents at the wheel during your trips. That’s what happened to Pierre the last time he went out shopping.

Parked in a parking slot in the downtown area, he didn’t realize until he put his purchases in the trunk that a hit-and-run driver had hit him, before taking off, of course.

If he had the Model 3 rear trunk protector, chrome trim insert, stainless steel rear bumper protector with a carbon fiber look, this would never have happened. Or at least the damage would have been minimal and it would have cost him little or nothing once he went to the garage.

Now that he knows about this protection, there’s no way he’ll be fooled again!

Price: [amazon fields= »B07SYJ4HPJ » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B07SYJ4HPJ » value= »button »]

More aesthetic wheels

ecrous tesla

A car is expensive, so it must be protected. And this, in the smallest details. Especially since a car can arouse envy. And no one is safe from theft.

Last time, Albert found himself in a lot of trouble when someone removed the nuts from his Tesla Model 3, no doubt in a spirit of revenge.

Another time, he doesn’t even know how he ended up with missing nuts after a wild ride. But this kind of problem can be avoided. How can you avoid it?

Price: [amazon fields= »B08NSW5J3J » value= »price »] to order directly on [amazon fields= »B08NSW5J3J » value= »button »]

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