In the increasingly dense ecosystem of electric vehicles (EV), Powerdot, under the dynamic leadership of Luis Santiago Pinto, has positioned itself as a major player in fast charging within retail spaces across France and Europe. Situated in an expanding market, Powerdot addresses a growing need for convenient and efficient charging solutions for EV owners.


Powerdot, under the leadership of CEO Luis Santiago Pinto, is a significant player in fast charging for electric vehicles (EVs) across retail spaces in France and Europe. Here are some key figures that reflect Powerdot’s position and impact in the market:

  • Powerdot has 1,400 charging points already installed in France, with another 5,000 being deployed, contributing to a total of nearly 4,000 charging points across Europe.
  • The company offers competitive charging rates that range from €0.42/kWh to €0.54/kWh.
  • Powerdot’s business model involves sharing installation and operation costs of charging stations with its partners, in addition to sharing the revenues generated by charging.
  • The charging network is impressively dense, covering 96% of metropolitan French departments, emphasizing the company’s commitment to democratizing access to fast charging not just in urban centers, but also in remote territories.
  • Powerdot’s charging stations are interoperable with all mobility applications and badges, ensuring convenience and accessibility for EV users.

As the EV market continues to expand, Powerdot’s comprehensive strategy and clear vision position it as a leader in the charging infrastructure field.

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Powerdot was invited at Choose France 2023

Choose France is a summit initiated by President Emmanuel Macron to promote France as an attractive destination for global businesses to invest and grow. The event provides an opportunity for dialogue between international investors, French companies, and political leaders, aiming to showcase the potential and advantages of France’s economic landscape.

Powerdot, a leading player in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, was invited due to its substantial contribution and commitment to the French and European electric mobility ecosystem. The company’s proposed investment of €140 million to establish 8,000 additional charging points in France by 2025 aligns with France’s broader ambition to accelerate the transition to electric mobility, a major component of its environmental and sustainability goals.

By inviting Powerdot, President Macron is acknowledging the company’s significant role and impact in this rapidly expanding sector. It also underlines the French government’s commitment to supporting businesses that contribute to the country’s economic growth and sustainability efforts.

Electric Charging Operators in France: Powerdot’s Strategic Positioning

Amidst a variety of players operating in the electric charging domain, Powerdot has established itself as the leader in the « fast charging » segment. This leadership stems from a strategy focused on density and practicality. To date, the company boasts 1,400 charging points installed in France, with an additional 5,000 underway, and a total of nearly 4,000 charging points across Europe.

An Ingenious and Partner-Focused Business Model

Powerdot offers a business model that rests on sharing costs and benefits. The company assumes all installation and operation costs of its partners’ charging stations. The revenues generated by charging are then shared, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits all involved parties.

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A Diverse Range of Services

Powerdot also distinguishes itself through the diversity of its services. All of their charging stations are interoperable with all mobility applications and badges, a significant advantage for users. Their rates range from €0.42/kWh to €0.54/kWh, positioning Powerdot among the most competitive operators in the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Operators: Powerdot Stands Out

Powerdot has leveraged its strengths to differentiate itself. Their dense network of charging stations covers 96% of metropolitan French departments, an undeniable advantage for access to fast charging across the territory.

A Future-Oriented Vision of the Electric Market

Luis Santiago Pinto, Powerdot’s CEO, emphasizes the importance of democratizing access to fast charging, not only in urban centers but also in more remote territories. He sees the transition to EVs as a fundamental movement that should be facilitated by the presence of charging stations at natural stop points, such as supermarkets, shopping centers, or even restaurants.

Thus, with a clear vision of the electric market and an effective strategy, Powerdot is well-positioned to meet the future challenges of electric mobility. With leaders like Luis Santiago Pinto at the helm, the future of electric charging in France looks promising.

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