How EDF Supports its Customers in the Energy Transition: Interview with Jean-Philippe Laurent

In a constantly evolving energy world, EDF positions itself as a key player by offering innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers. Today, we have the honor of welcoming Jean-Philippe Laurent, head of strategy and development for the customer division at EDF. With proven expertise in the management of energy services, Jean-Philippe Laurent offers us an overview of EDF’s initiatives aimed at clarifying energy uses for their customers. From electric mobility to solar self-consumption, discover how EDF supports its customers in their energy transition.

Exclusive interview

To interview : Hello Jean-Philippe Laurent, thank you for granting us this interview. Can you introduce yourself and describe the activities you manage at EDF?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: Hello, I am Jean-Philippe Laurent, responsible for strategy and development in the customer division of EDF. My duties include managing all services offered to customers to help them control their energy consumption. This includes electric mobility and solar energy, among others.

To interview : What are the main challenges for EDF customers today and how are you responding to them?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: The main challenges for our customers, whether individuals or professionals, include controlling their energy bills and the transition to more responsible consumption. Individuals, for example, are seeking to reduce their consumption while adopting low-carbon energies. We support them with energy renovation services, consumption management solutions, charging stations for electric vehicles via Easy by EDF, and solar installations with EDF ENR.

To interview : Can you tell us more about the specific offers for individuals, particularly regarding charging solutions and solar?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: Of course. For charging solutions, we have Easy by EDF, which offers charging stations suitable for individual homes and condominiums. We also have roof solar offers for self-consumption, with EDF ENR, which is the leader in France in this field. These solutions allow customers to produce and consume their own energy.

To interview : You mentioned innovative offers like Smart Charging. Can you explain how it works and what benefits it offers?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: Smart Charging is a recent offering that allows you to charge an electric vehicle in an optimized way. Once set up, the charging station automatically adjusts charging times for times when electricity is cheaper, usually during off-peak hours. This provides substantial savings for customers.

To interview : And as for solar and charging activities for professionals, what are your offers?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: For professionals, we offer solar solutions adapted to the needs of businesses, often for self-consumption. We also install charging stations with our subsidiary IZIVIA, which offers turnkey solutions as well as investor models. For example, for projects like the one with McDonald’s, we provide and maintain the charging stations.

To interview : What are the selection criteria for your partners and subcontractors in these projects?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: Our partners are selected based on strict criteria of competence, security, availability and responsiveness. We often support them in their development of skills to guarantee quality service to our customers. We also have control mechanisms to ensure that the work is carried out correctly.

To interview : What are your future plans and prospects in the solar energy and charging solutions market?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: We are seeing growing demand for solar self-consumption, which almost doubled in 2023. This trend is expected to continue in 2024. We continue to invest in innovative solutions to facilitate the energy transition of our customers and meet their specific needs, whether in terms of consumption reduction or decarbonization.

To interview : Thank you for this detailed overview of your activities and initiatives. A last word for our readers ?

Jean-Philippe Laurent: Thank you. We are committed to supporting our customers in their energy transition with innovative and sustainable solutions. Do not hesitate to explore our offers and contact us with any questions or specific needs.

To interview : Thank you very much, Jean-Philippe.

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